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Case studies

Archaeological dialogues without isolation

Automatic evaluation of student work

Collaborative mapping of amenities in rural areas

Construction of a space to tell short stories

Game-based learning with Kahoot!

Geography for secondary teachers

Geomorphological process and elements

GIS in touristic marketing of historic Cairo, Egypt

Helsinki Centre for digital humanities

ICT tools for practising productive skills in foreign language teaching

Increased communication in English for a specific purpose

Landscape archaeology and digital heritage

Support for field work for geography students

Teaching/learning a musical instrument during the pandemics

The introduction to GIS in geography

Online Chopin variorum edition (OVCE)

Online classroom during the pandemics

Online teaching during the pandemics

Spatial data in history classes

Urban routes in Madrid, Spain

Wine and food philosophy

ICT in film studies

Media sentiment

National park management


Forest fire investigation

Hardy’s correspondents

Visual representation of the third plague pandemics